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HARCOURTS always strive to supply our clients with only the best possible service.
In the current economic circumstances and since tenants are constantly obtaining more rights, it is of utmost importance that we present our clients with the best service in providing them with options to protect themselves appropriately. Although we do all the appropriate credit checks, situations do arise where tenants commit a breach of contract and then refuse to cooperate or to vacate the premises. In these circumstances the owner does not have a choice but to approach an attorney to evict the tenant from the premises.


Legal costs for an eviction in the Magistrates Courts can vary between R10,000.00 and R50,000.00 and High Court matters can reach up to a R100,000.00 or more, if opposed.
To protect our landlords against this type of legal cost, we have secured Legal protection on all our properties.
Should your tenant be in breach of the terms and conditions of his/her lease agreement and fail to rectify same within the period as per our letter of demand, then we will see to it that the eviction is done without any legal cost to yourself. (Costs covered include: all attorney’s-, advocate’s- and sheriff’s costs).


You can therefore have peace of mind that you will never be in the unfortunate position to pay exorbitant legal fees or to instruct attorneys to evict a non-paying tenant.
Even if you have never had any problems with your tenants before, anything can happen, and a tenant can get retrenched with no income or alternative accommodation and then it is imperative that you are protected.


Kindly take note that this is an added service provided by our company to our landlords without any financial benefit to ourselves and no fee charged for facilitation thereof. You will pay R250 if contracting with the service provider directly and also incur a 3-month waiting period, which has been waived for us.

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