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Creating a better future for the beneficiaries of Shiloh

Changing our local community with your assistance.


We are proud to say that Harcourts has been a part of their communities since founder JB Harcourt opened the door to his first real estate office in Wellington, New Zealand in 1888.


Over time, our offices and people have generously created a history of giving through sponsoring and supporting thousands of people in need. Being caring members of our local communities ensures a better quality of life for everyone.


At Harcourts Dunn, we strive to contribute to our community on an annual basis and this year we would like to get even more involved than previous years. The name ‘Harcourts’ stands for in the hearts and minds of the communities around us. Our core values are – people first, doing the right thing, being courageous and fun and laughter. This year we are planning on doing more of the above and have chosen Shiloh Synergy as our main charity of the year.


About Shiloh Synergy:


"Shiloh Synergy is a group of projects, committed to the holistic upliftment of our underprivileged communities in the Western Cape and currently entering the Eastern Cape. Our projects are managed with excellence and integrity and driven with a passion for the people of South Africa.


We manage our business in such a way to ensure that the community receives the maximum benefit of donor and sponsorship funds. We communicate with our donors and sponsors regularly to ensure their satisfaction in knowing that their donations were used to its utmost potential.


Our biggest aspiration is to build a better future for our children through education and intellectual development and in doing so, building a better future for South Africa."


At Harcourts we aim to change lives and make dreams come true and through continuous charity drives and campaigns this year with the help of our local community, we are excited about how we can improve lives through Shiloh.


We will keep you updated on our upcoming involvement and charity drives for this worthy cause and look forward to making this a joined venture with the people of the Northern Suburbs.



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