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Choose your rental agent carefully

Choose your rental agent carefully

As the demand for property in the northern suburbs of Cape Town continues to escalate the rental property market also strengthens. We've noticed the trend by investors to buy property in the northern suburbs as these regions offer great returns on investment.


However, with every industry that experiences high growth volumes a plethora of new entrants enter the market to capitalise on increased earning potential. It is with these scenarios that landlords and body corporates alike need to ensure they partner with an estate agent with a proven area specialist track record. The evolution of this market will attract tenants from a wide variety of target areas and your agent needs to be in tune with the target markets to ensure your investment property is always let.


Selling agents specialties vary from that of rental agents and it is this distinction that successfully assists clients. At Harcourts Dunn we have a historic footprint in the northern suburbs that ideally places our rental management department as a leader in this segment.



Our agents are highly specialised, knowledgeable and continuously trained on the world-class Harcourts systems. Our technological edge is an industry benchmark and paired with our national brand awareness strategies and extensive marketing plans, we're able to effectively manage your investment home.


A specialist agent will be able to offer you valuable insight into the potential of your property as well as guide you through the letting process. Because the properties in the northern suburbs range so widely; from lifestyle estates, to apartments and townhouses and full title homes, a rental agent with a knowledgeable insight into the market and the understanding of requirements of each of these homes will be paramount to the rate of return on your investment property.


Communication lines between landlords, tenants, body corporates and other stakeholders is key, and a rental agent with a succinct understanding of property management always ensures transparency in this process, providing peace of mind for all role players.


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